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Quality,qualified, technological mold making ...

Do not decide without consulting us the most suitable mold for your project. Otherwise, the problems that can occur during casting can cause both time and material problems!


Wooden molds made by our skilled molders using MDF can have more deterioration than expected. The raw MDF processed on the CNC workbench is then ready to be laid in the master's hands in accordance with AutoCAD projects.

These molds, which you can cast without harming the model with quality materials, also reduce the project cost considerably.


With our high-quality polyester, accelerators and polyester molds produced using chemicals, you can shape your designs without skipping even the slightest details.

These molds used in the field of restoration, sculpture, architecture and technology are ideal for repeated casting.


The most professional mold types, rubber & silicone molds, offer the ideal solution for projects that are important to detail.

These molds, which have the feature of easily separating from the model by preserving the structure of the internal model, have been made more easily applicable from today's technology through digital media thanks to CadCAM technology.

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 +90 216 304 10 20

 +90 216 304 10 20